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Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial


I can’t believe it, but I have a kid with a wiggly tooth!!  How did that happen?  It feels like just yesterday I spotted those first little teeth breaking through the gums when my son was 4 months old.  Here we are 5 years later and they are starting to wiggle out.  What on earth?!

My extremely inquisitive son (seriously, this kid never stops asking questions) is very curious about all of this tooth fairy business. You can imagine my thrill when I actually had an answer to one of his questions, “How will my tooth not get lost underneath my pillow before the tooth fairy takes it?”  Crafty mom to the rescue!

Ta da! And a neat little place for Miss Tooth Fairy to leave the cash :)

tooth fairy pillow4

Here is how you can make this very simple pillow that your kids will LOVE.  Its amazing how special my kids feel when I make them something like this.  Even if it only took me 15 minutes, the look on their little faces when they see it is priceless.


  • Fabric – two 7″ x 7″ squares  (I really think any type of fabric will work.  Woven or Knit)
  • White flannel fabric or white felt.  Small square
  • Tooth template.  Find it here.
  • Black embroidery floss and embroidery needle.
  • fiberfill

Step 1

Print and cut out the Tooth Template (here).  Pin the template onto your flannel or felt and cut out Tooth shape.   Using the black embroidery floss and embroidery needle, create the eyes with a simple criss cross stitch and the mouth.  It doesn’t matter what the back looks like, no one will see this!

When the face is done, attach the tooth to one of the pieces of 7″ fabric.  I used a needle and thread (not embroidery but you could if you wanted to) and stitched the tooth onto the fabric. Do NOT stitch the top of the tooth though or you will not have a pocket!

Tooth Pillow 1


Step 2

Once your Tooth pocket is secured onto one of the 7″ squares, you are ready to make your pillow!  Place right sides together and sew around 4 edges being sure to leave 2 ” opening to flip the pillow right side out!

tooth pillow 3

Turn pillow right side out, stuff with fiber fill to desired fullness.  Use a needle and thread to whip stitch the 2″ opening closed.  You are done!

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