Baby Drool Scarf Tutorial

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My own kids are past the drooling stage (3 and 5) but I’ve been seeing these adorable scarves in all the swanky baby catalogs and I knew that I must make some.  These are a super easy sew, ANYONE can make these. Perfect for a baby gift. The scarf has a button and elastic loop to secure it in the back and I also included a corner of terry cloth (optional) for some quick wipes to baby’s chin. How cute is my little model and the drool scarf above?  He looks effortlessly cool :). Here is the tutorial. Happy Sewing! Baby Drool Scarf Tutorial Materials Needed:

    • 14″ x 14″ square of fabric (any fabric works, cotton and flannel are great choices)
  • Sewing machine, thread etc.
  •  small button
  • small piece of elastic (skinnier the better)
  • piece of terry cloth (optional – can be cut from a face cloth)
  • iron

Step 1 : Finish edges of your scarf square by either using a serger or zigzag stitch close to the edge of cut fabric. If using the terry cloth in one corner of your scarf, cut out cloth to fit into one corner.  Serge or zigzag stitch along the long side of the triangle.  Sew the cloth in place on the two outside edges the fabric square (wrong side of fabric) 1/2″ from edge of fabric. This way the two ends will get encased in the fabric when we hem the scarf in the next step. Drool Scarf 2 Step 2: Press 1/4-1/2″ fold along all edges. If using the terry cloth, ensure that fabric fits nicely around cloth. Secure with pins before sewing to stop things from shifting while sewing.  Hem 1/4″ from edge.  droolscarf6 Step 3: Fold scarf in half on the diagonal to find the two corners that you will use to secure scarf behind baby’s neck.  One corner will have the button sewn on, the other corner will have the elastic loop sewn on.  You could do this all by hand or use the machine to secure the elastic like I did. When deciding how big of an elastic loop to make, I would try to make it tight enough that it won’t fall off the the button, but loose enough that it can easily be taken off.  Try it a few times to practice before finalizing the size of the loop. drool scarf 3 You are done! Wasn’t that easy?!  I know, it looks way more impressive than it is.  LOVE that! And best of all, it is a really functional and practical gift.  What could be better! :) drool scarf 4 Have you made one yet? Let me know how it went! Blog Signature 2

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