Royal Icing Sugar Cookies!

I have a new obsession. I started looking on Pinterest for cookie decorating ideas. Bad move, I know!  I could not believe what people were doing with Royal icing and the “flooding” technique.  I was hooked and couldn’t wait to try it.  I watched a few you tube videos and decided to get my feet wet with some Easter cookies.   I had so much fun making the Easter cookies that I quickly started finding any excuse in the book to make cookies!  My technique (or lack thereof) has progressed and I am always thinking about new designs to make.

You can see some of the latest cookies I have made. I don’t have any tutorials up on cookie decorating yet but let me know if you are interested :)

Here we go!

Back to school cookies 2014.  I made the individual bags for my child’s teacher and bus driver.

Back to school cookies

school teacher and bus cookies

Cinco de Mayo! Fun fact, the margarita cookie cutter shape is actually a champion trophy cookie cutter and I cut off the handles to use as limes and make it look like a margarita glass :)  The hats are actually cowboy hats and not real sombrero shape but with the piping it disguises it well. Cinco de Mayo Cookies    

End of year Teacher gifts.Apple Cookies 

Birthday treats for a friend! Cupcake Cookies

green cupcake cookies

These Easter Egg cookies were my first attempts at flood icing. It got me hooked! Easter Egg Cookies

I made these for my three niece’s ballet recital.  I didn’t love the extra challenge of the sticks though!  A few fell off before I was able to give them to the girls.Tulip Bouquet

I made these for a family member on her 90th birthday.  The kids had fun with edible marker on the two in the top row!90th bday cookie

We took a family camping trip to Lake Itasca Park in Northern Minnesota and I had to make some themed cookies!Minnesota Loon small collage

T and L eating cookie

These were for a friends Peter Rabbit birthday party. One of my favs! Peter Rabbit Cookies

My mom asked me to make these to celebrate her one year anniversary in a new position at her company. Airline Cookies

Another Thank You gift!Thanks Bouquet

One of the best parts about making cookies is getting the kids involved.  I always let them each pick out a few cookie cutter shapes and then I make them their own icing and let them have at it! My son has said that decorating cookies together is his all time favorite activity. :)

kids decorating

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