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Girls’ Head Scarf Tutorial

Head Scarf Feature Image

Hello!!  I have a really easy tutorial for you today.  Perfect for adding another pop of pattern to coordinate with a new dress.

A few months back, I received a call from a local magazine interested in doing a story on me and my Etsy shop in their September 2014 issue (you can read the article here if you want!).   The Art Director asked me to do a fall themed shoot with some apples for a prop to use as the image for the article.   I could not wait to take my favorite pattern, The Apron Knot Dress, and style it for fall.  I decided to sew a new dress with some great apple fabric I found at JoAnn Fabrics.  I mixed in a few prints for interest and found a long sleeve top at Old Navy that worked underneath the dress.  I love when my dresses can transition to the next season so easily!!

I knew this needed to be a prop heavy shoot, so I really wanted to incorporate something else for my daughter to wear.  I remembered this sweet outfit my niece used to have when she was little that came with a matching head scarf and I instantly knew that was exactly what this shoot needed!  I love the way it ads some whimsy to the outfit and ties in the apples again.

Follow the tutorial below to create your very own!

Head Scarf Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • Scarf Template printed out here
  • Fabric for Scarf
  • Fabric to make bias tape or pre-made bias tape (any size 1/4-1/2″)
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine/thread
  • Straight pins

Step 1:  Cut out template found here, place on scarf fabric and cut out scarf triangle


Step 2:  Hem two shorter edges of scarf.  Either serge the edges or zigzag stitch close to the edge before pressing and sewing 1/2″ hem.

Head Scarf2

Step 3: Make Trim/Bias Tape (skip this step if using pre-made!)

Typically for making my own Bias tape, I cut the fabric out on the bias (diagonal grain) of the fabric. That is the correct way to do it – BUT – for this little easy project I just cut the fabric out across the lengthwise grain.  You will need a strip 2″ x 30″.  You may need to piece two pieces together to get this and thats fine! You will see in my photos that I had to do this.

Fold your strip in half down the long side and press really well.


Open up the fold and fold each side down onto itself again.  This hides those cut edges and gives the trim/bias tape a finished edge.  Press this down as well as you can.  It never wants to stay real well :)

HeadScarf4 - no reveal

Step 4: Sew scarf to the trim/bias tape. Locate the center of the scarf on the unfinished side and the center of the trim and place first pin there.  You will need a lot of pins to keep all those folds in place!

HeadScarf 5

Stitch the sides of the trim too to make sure nothing unravels.  You are done!!  Simply tie the trim together on your child’s head to secure the scarf.

Here is one more shot of the head scarf in action.  I initially didn’t even edit this photo but with a little cropping, I realized it was a keeper.  Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

Head Scarf headshot

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